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Ten Reasons I Love Solitude and Silence

silenceIf you follow either of the blogs I write, you know I’m pretty passionate about how significant silence and solitude are in the spiritual journey. This evening I’m teaching on solitude as part of a series of lessons designed to help some friends establish a rhythm of life that moves them toward the spiritual lives they long for. As I was preparing for the lesson I decided to list the top ten reasons I love solitude and silence. I offer them here without editorial comment or explanation…

10. Solitude and silence invite me to let go of control of my life, even for just a short while, and to be still and know He is God.

9. Solitude and silence help me not feel compelled to talk all the time.

8. Solitude and silence remind me that I am more than the sum of all I do.

7. Solitude and silence fan the flames of my heart’s passions.

6. Solitude and silence allow me to be who I really am, my true self, without having to hide behind masks or the personas I want people to think I am.

5. Solitude and silence re-calibrate my heart so it is centered on Jesus and prepared to reenter the chaotic world around me.

4. Solitude and silence enables me to be more attentive to God’s still, small voice.

3. Solitude and silence bring rest to my soul and allow me to replenish so I can engage my family and the world around me more significantly.

2. Solitude and silence create space for the Holy Spirit to transform me.

1.  Solitude and silence allow me to connect directly and intimately with God.


One response

  1. Is it not solitude if you feel connected to a God?

    July 22, 2013 at 7:08 pm

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