Seeking to be transformed into the image of Jesus

Consider Your Ways!

Last night we started a series of four messages in Haggai. Three times in chapter one Haggai says, “Consider your ways!” I don’t think self-examination is a very popular past time. We don’t like to look too closely into our heart because we know that we won’t measure up. Far too many people give up on their spiritual journeys because they can’t live up to the expectations they or the church puts on them.

But we need to take time to consider our ways. We will never be “good enough” on our own! We’ll never live up to the expectations we and the church put on ourselves! But somehow I don’t think that’s ultimately the point. Following Jesus isn’t about being good enough so he’ll love me…it’s about experiencing his deep and amazing love…then I’ll begin to be good enough…because he will begin changing me!

Experiencing God’s love starts with trusting and obeying him. If we don’t trust and obey, our intimacy with him is broken. Then, when we examine our lives, we will probably find some things that are unpleasant and don’t belong. We may find some things that need to be taken out and others that need to be added. It’s easy to rationalize and procrastinate and not actually change. Haggai challenged the people to consider their ways and they responded to his message with obedience. I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant for them, but they did the right thing. We should too!

Let me challenge you to take time this week to sit with God and invite him to look at your life. Consider your ways. Let God show you how you’re doing. And realize that our relationship with God is not about performance, it’s about love. He loved us so much that Jesus died for us. We could never “perform” enough, but we don’t have to. We need to trust him. We need to love him. We need to let him love us!

So how are you doing? Are you experiencing more and more of God’s boundless love? Give yourself to knowing and following him…show your love by your obedience…if you stumble, turn back and start again…the result will be that God’s promise through Haggai will be his promise to us as well: “I am with you.”


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